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Mel & Amy


Acrylic painting on canvas 40 x 60 cm

Style Analysis:

This image is a captivating example of modern art that draws inspiration from both Cubism and Fauvism. The facial features are fragmented and rearranged in the Cubist manner, allowing multiple perspectives to be depicted simultaneously. This abstraction challenges the viewer's perception of form and depth, inviting a more interactive experience with the art. The Fauvist influence is evident in the use of intense, vivid colors that saturate the canvas, providing a dynamic, emotional impact rather than a realistic portrayal.


Composition Analysis:

The composition is centered around two figures, sharing and merging facial features, creating a singular yet complex subject. This interconnectivity suggests a narrative of unity or intimacy. The background, speckled with bird-like forms and abstract shapes, complements the central figures, and adds a whimsical, dream-like quality to the scene. The composition is balanced yet dynamic, guiding the viewer's eye through the use of bold colors and interlocking shapes.


Color and Texture:

The palette is daring, with deep blues, vibrant oranges, and greens creating a strong contrast, while the birds in the background add a playful element to the otherwise intense interaction of the faces. The texture appears rich and varied, implying a thick application of paint that adds dimension and a tactile quality to the work, reminiscent of the impasto technique.


Motifs and Symbols:

The overlapping forms and shared eyes of the figures could symbolize the blending of identities or the multifaceted nature of human relationships. The birds in the background may signify freedom or aspiration, contrasting with the intense scrutiny of the faces. The earrings add a touch of realism and femininity, grounding the otherwise abstract figures.


Layering and Depth:

There is a deliberate layering in the artwork, with the figures in the foreground sharply defined against the more diffusely painted background. This layering contributes to the depth of the piece, suggesting a metaphorical depth to the subjects' personalities and stories.


Overall Impression:

The artwork is a rich exploration of identity and connection, presented through a lens of modernist artistic influences. It is both a celebration of color and form and a thoughtful reflection on the complexities of the self and how we relate to others. The result is a piece that is not only visually stimulating but also intellectually and emotionally engaging.

Mel & Amy

  • You will receive an acrylic painting on canvas. No frame. The packing will be made to sustain the travel to your location. Nevertheless, it may happen that sometimes the product may arrive damaged. If so, please make sure to make a video of the parcel before and during unboxing.
    Send the video to
    We can discuss on if and how can fix or arrange a refund.
    Refunds will be released only when the original artwork is sent back to and received by Enrico Malatesta.

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