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The artwork you provided is a rich and complex piece that vividly exemplifies a fusion of digital art with elements of surrealism and modern abstract styles. Here's a detailed composition and style analysis:

1. Segmented Face: The central figure in the artwork is a face, segmented into various panels each with its own distinct pattern and color scheme. This segmentation might symbolize the multifaceted nature of human identity or consciousness.
2. Eyes: The eyes of the figure are symmetrically aligned and prominently featured, providing a focal point that draws the viewer’s attention. They are rendered with a realistic detail that contrasts with the abstract elements, suggesting a window into the 'soul' or essence of the figure.
3. Floral and Circular Motifs: Surrounding the face are various circular and floral motifs, as well as hanging beads or orbs on strings, which add to the surreal and ornamental quality of the piece. These elements might symbolize thoughts, dreams, or the natural world, connecting the figure to a broader cosmic or metaphysical context.
4. Texture and Color: The use of vibrant colors and textures throughout the piece contributes to a sense of depth and dynamism. The texture particularly in the lower section of the composition resembles digital or pixel noise, possibly hinting at the intersection of technology and human identity.

1. Surrealism: The surreal and dream-like quality of the artwork is reminiscent of Surrealism, which seeks to challenge the conventional reality to unleash the creative potential of the unconscious mind.
2. Abstract Modernism: The abstract elements—stripped patterns, non-representational forms, and bold color blocks—are characteristic of Modernist art, which often emphasizes abstract forms as a way to represent reality beyond the visual experiences.
3. Digital Art Techniques: The precision of the lines, the gradient fills, and the pixel textures suggest the use of digital tools in creating this artwork. Digital art allows for an exploration of complex compositions and vibrant, sometimes unnatural colors, as seen here.
4. Symbolic Elements: The inclusion of symbolic elements like the beads and floral designs can be linked to many traditional and contemporary art styles, where such symbols often carry deeper meanings about life, connectivity, and spirituality.


Overall Impact
The artwork is a stunning blend of technology and traditional artistry, which not only appeals visually but also stimulates thought about the interplay between human nature and digital expression. The piece might be interpreted as a commentary on the digital era's impact on human identity or as a broader existential exploration. The use of vibrant colors and complex patterns ensures a visually engaging experience, while the symbolic and segmented composition invites viewers to interpret the piece in various personal or philosophical ways.


The print is on high quality paper.

The print size is 16 x 20 inches ( 40 x 50 cm).



  • You will receive the printed artwork in a cardboard tube that can sustain the travel to your location. Nevertheless, it may happen that sometimes the product may arrive damaged. If so, please make sure to make a video of the parcel before and during unboxing.
    Send the video to
    We can arrange a refund or a substitution.

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