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Aphrodite & Sappho


This artwork is influenced by Cubism and Modernist art movements.
The fragmentation of the image into geometric shapes and the use of multiple perspectives is reminiscent of Cubism. The faces and eyes are depicted from different angles simultaneously, creating an abstract form that suggests movement and a multiplicity of viewpoints.
The artist employs a vibrant and contrasting color palette, which adds to the dynamism of the piece. The colors are not just solid blocks but are textured, possibly suggesting a digital or mixed-media technique.
There is a visible texture across the entire image that may mimic traditional artistic media, such as oil or acrylic paint, though it also gives a feel of a collage due to the varied patterns and the way the colors are segmented.
The artwork is filled with patterns that range from dots, lines, swirls, and other abstract forms. This gives the artwork a rich tapestry-like quality, which can be associated with the intricate patterns found in some forms of digital art or textile designs.

 The composition is balanced through symmetry along the vertical axis, though it's an abstract form of symmetry with variations in the shapes and colors on either side, which keeps the viewer's eye moving across the piece.
The eyes serve as the primary focal points, drawing the viewer into the artwork. The use of the eyes as central elements is a common theme in portraiture and often symbolizes perception and understanding.
Despite the fragmented nature of Cubist-inspired works, there's a sense of cohesion due to the repeated use of curves, circles, and the way the colors complement each other.
 The juxtaposition of shapes and the bold use of color could evoke various emotional responses from the viewer, such as curiosity, intrigue, or even a sense of being overwhelmed due to the complexity of the details.


The print is on high quality paper.

The print size is 16 x 16 inches ( 40 x 40 cm).

Aphrodite & Sappho

  • You will receive the printed artwork in a cardboard tube that can sustain the travel to your location. Nevertheless, it may happen that sometimes the product may arrive damaged. If so, please make sure to make a video of the parcel before and during unboxing.
    Send the video to
    We can arrange a refund or a substitution.

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