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The image is a vibrant, digital artwork deeply rooted in Cubism, characterized by its geometric fragmentation of forms and the reassembly of those forms in an abstracted two-dimensional space. The composition is a mosaic of shapes and colors that come together to depict a face, with each shape containing different textures and patterns, contributing to the overall complexity of the piece.

Bold colors dominate the palette, with a juxtaposition of warm and cool tones that create a striking contrast. The eye is drawn to the central face, which is constructed from various angles and perspectives, typical of Cubist technique, suggesting multiple viewpoints simultaneously.

In the background, we see a grid-like pattern that could represent an urban landscape or a digital matrix, reinforcing the modern and possibly technological context of the artwork. The textures within the shapes range from painterly brushstrokes to pixelated patterns, suggesting a blend of traditional art techniques with contemporary digital effects.

The piece is dynamic and seems to pulse with energy, due in part to the sharp lines and the bright, almost neon, color choices. It's an artwork that challenges the viewer's perception, encouraging a deeper engagement to unpack the layers of visual information presented. This is an example of how traditional art movements continue to influence contemporary digital art, creating a bridge between the past and the present.


The print is on high quality paper.
The print size is 16 x 16 inches ( 40 x 40 cm).


  • You will receive the printed artwork in a cardboard tube that can sustain the travel to your location. Nevertheless, it may happen that sometimes the product may arrive damaged. If so, please make sure to make a video of the parcel before and during unboxing.
    Send the video to
    We can arrange a refund or a substitution.

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