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This image portrays a female figure in a composed, seated pose, exuding an air of contemplative elegance. The style is a harmonious blend of Art Deco and realism, visible in the ornate chair and the detailed rendering of the woman's attire and facial features. The background consists of a framed painting of vivid yellow flowers, which contrasts with the cooler tones of the foreground, creating a visual dialogue between art and the subject.

The figure’s gaze is direct and engaging, with striking blue eyes that serve as a focal point. Her clothing drapes naturally, suggesting texture and form, while the geometric shapes and the sharp lines of the chair and table introduce the streamlined aesthetic of Art Deco.

The choice of elements like the stylized flowers in the background painting and the minimalist vases on the table speaks to a blend of natural forms with modernist design. The overall composition is balanced, with the figure centrally placed to anchor the viewer's attention, while the surrounding objects and artwork add depth and context to the narrative. The image masterfully juxtaposes flat, decorative elements with three-dimensional realism, creating a layered and sophisticated visual experience.


The print is on high quality paper.
The print size is 16 x 16 inches ( 40 x 40 cm).



  • You will receive the printed artwork in a cardboard tube that can sustain the travel to your location. Nevertheless, it may happen that sometimes the product may arrive damaged. If so, please make sure to make a video of the parcel before and during unboxing.
    Send the video to
    We can arrange a refund or a substitution.

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