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Funky Lady


The image depicts a stylized portrait of a woman, constructed with a collage of bold, geometric shapes and a spectrum of vibrant colors, evoking a modern, pop art aesthetic. The composition is fragmented, with each section of the face and neck rendered in a different hue, reminiscent of Cubist influences where multiple viewpoints are presented simultaneously. The style is defined by the sharp outlines, flat color fields, and absence of gradation, which create a two-dimensional effect. The woman’s features are accentuated with exaggerated curves and lines, particularly around the hair and eyes, contributing to the overall graphic quality. The earrings and the makeup are detailed, adding a touch of realism within the abstract context. A signature or mark on the forehead suggests a sense of identity or branding. The image is playful yet sophisticated, merging aspects of contemporary design with the influence of 20th-century avant-garde art movements.


The print is on high quality paper.
The print size is 16 x 20 inches ( 40 x 50 cm).


Funky Lady

  • You will receive the printed artwork in a cardboard tube that can sustain the travel to your location. Nevertheless, it may happen that sometimes the product may arrive damaged. If so, please make sure to make a video of the parcel before and during unboxing.
    Send the video to
    We can arrange a refund or a substitution.

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